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CX Unlocked modules target specific areas within the customer experience. We went this route to make topics more digestible and understandable. You can expect to see the catalog expand over time.


We offer:
1:1 Consultations
Curated service packages for your team.


SP!KE was born after constantly feeling frustrated with passing along hard earned money to businesses that showed no concern for the time, money or effort it took to work with them.



The Customer Experience

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you and your team for coming in to assist me with Staff Training. I can safely say that we will be committing to a long Term Partnership.

Crystal Haughton

Crystal Care Academy

As a first-time business owner with no experience, developing my company was a very scary process. But thanks to the incredible help from SP!KE I was equipped and ready to build my brand. My early stage development plan was strategic and thorough. I learned about all the licenses I would need in order to legally operate my business as well as other caveats I previously missed. I felt empowered working with SP!KE and I highly recommend their services.

Evesha Kenlyn M.D.

The Donut Ave., Georgia USA

We recruited SP!KE’s services to train our restaurant staff. We found the team to be thorough in getting to understand our organizational structure as well as our needs.

Alex-Ann uses multiple tools to relay the information to her trainees and makes the customer service sessions interactive and concise. The material is carefully curated based on the environment and her steps and recommendations are easy to follow and implement.

Based on the feedback we have been getting about our customer service since the training, it would be remiss of us not to recommend this service. The passion of SP!KE’s team easily translates. A worthy investment in your staff indeed.

Dionne Reid, Chef Manager

Smoked Marlin, Jamaica

Best decision I’ve ever made working with you, thank you for your positive impact on our business growth.

Santana Spence

Yardie Cosmetics

Our customer service webinar with Alex-Ann was everything. I learnt so much and cannot wait to implement new strategies in my business – Colaine Binns


This webinar was very interactive, informative and clear. Thank you for this training

Deana-Rae Clayton

Entrepreneurs you need this course! One may think this is a shrug shoulder! I did a ‘Customer Service on Social Media’ Webinar with SP!KE and I am telling you…she got me all the way together!!! We are losing so much money giving bad customer service on social media

Tiahna Manderson-Rose

Your guidance has helped me tremendously with my launch. Not only with the tools I needed but with the confidence to move forward with it. Appreciate you!!!

Yishka Chin

I found myself struggling with managing the internal customers in my workplace, so I decided to take the “Internal Customer” course that SP!KE had to offer. The course confirmed what I thought I knew and helped me to feel more confident that I was approaching the situations appropriately. I hpwever still had lingering concerns and questions and mentioned it to one of the team members at SP!KE and she notified the director, Alex-Ann and she was gracious enough to offer me a free 10-15 minute virtual consultation to assist me with my questions and concerns. She really didn’t have to do that, and I was so grateful that she did, because from that session, I was able to clear up doubts I had about the usual procedures and problem solving techniques that persons generally draw on to handle challenging situations where the internal customers in a company is concerned. I walked away feeling sure of myself and the knowledge I gained.

I must say that I am tremendously happy with the service I got from SP!KE team. They went out of their way to ensure that I was satisfied with their offerings and I certainly am.

I highly recommend SP!KE, their programs and offerings to entrepreneurs, companies and even individuals that would like to improve their customer service skills


Unnamed Company Employee



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