What is Customer Experience?

CX means Customer Experience (secretly wishing we could make this reverberate everywhere lol).

Now we know what the letters mean we can tackle what exactly the customer experience entails.

The customer experience, in short form, is whatever perception the customer has of your brand after interacting at any level. Think about that for a minute. There are numerous points at which the customer will experience the brand. The customer experience has nothing to do with what you think the experience is and everything to do with what the customer thinks it is.

The customer experience is far reaching. It encompasses:

  • the internal processes
  • in person contact
  • virtual contact
  • product experience
  • service experience
  • leadership

Customer experience encompasses all areas of the business. Whatever area can impact the customer’s perception of your brand has to do with customer experience. Resultantly, training, removal of silos, listening and taking the time to analyze and improve the customer journey are key features.

Working on developing and maintaining excellent customer experiences is never complete. The environment around brands is always changing and therefore the brand has to adapt. Listening to customers to improve retention is essential and should never be taken for granted.

The customer experience is an important weapon in brand viability, maintenance and growth. It needs to be a priority throughout the organization.

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