Building through the Customer Experience

Resources have become extremely scarce for many. Those who have been able to maintain life in a similar fashion to pre-covid are more cautious with spending as we all try to navigate these uncertain times.

Many businesses have transitioned to more ecommerce options and others are scrambling to get there. Unfortunately, there have been some who were unable to stay afloat.

As we navigate these times, it does seem like the odds are against business owners in attracting new clients in large quantities. But thankfully all isn’t lost.

As we all pivot, there is a key area that needs attention to bolster your business and make it more resilient – the customer experience. If we focus on the customer experience, we will be able to retain and create happy clients.

Let me explain.

  • We are hard pressed to think of a product/service (outside of utilities if you are Jamaican) that has only 1 provider.
  • The margin of difference in price continues to dwindle.
  • We have global access and are not confined to local options.

We don’t contend that price and product are not important. They are just far easier for competitors to swiftly replicate and thus do not have long term positive effects in most cases.

 So what is going to keep your customer with you?

Customers want convenience, ease of use, respect, value and a listening ear. Customer’s want to know you care and that desire has been elevated now. Many business owners have the data they need to elevate or create an exceptional customer experience and don’t even know it. This is why you may need an expert to help you on the journey to creating great experiences.

Some ways you can improve your customer experience include:

  • Listening to your customers to hear their concerns. By customers here we mean staff and external customers. If you are not investing in your staff you are priming yourself for poor outcomes.
  • Use your complaints to improve and follow-up with those affected even after the issue has been resolved.
  • Create loyalty programs
  • Track customer information.
  • Collect and anaylze X and 0 data. X data is feedback from customers hat identifys gaps between what you think is happenenig and what is actually happening. 0 data is data from the past. 0 tells you what happened, X tells you why it happened.

The reality is that repeat business from a loyal customer base can create 10x more profit than a new customer who finds you through brand advertising. Therefore investing in the customer experience is worth it for your bottom line.

Here’s a list of 10 things customers want that we thought would be helpful for you. We also have some helpful  animated training videos that are concise and would be beneficial to you and your team. You can check them out as of June 19, 2020. Subscribe to our mailing list so you can keep up with us. We have a gift for each subscriber 🙂

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