CX vs. Marketing

What is more important CX or marketing? We get this question so often! It’s time we wrote about it for everyone to reference.

We aren’t exactly sure why these two crucial areas are always pitted against each other. Some reasons we came up with:

  • Both are seen as vehicles for increased visibility & promotion
  • There is usually a struggle for budget allocation between the two
  • Marketing departments in some businesses have been forced to absorb the CX function even though the territories are dissimilar

Let us know if any other reasons came to mind for you in the comment section below.

So who wins the battle ? CX or Marketing?

Marketing departments are traditionally well-oiled machines. They have their plans, strategies, metrics and targets in place. They see the bullseye aim and fire! CX is nuanced. It has many twists and turns. Some persons working in CX have yet to figure out the appropriate mix of tools and metrics they need to use to show the results of the work they have done.

Marketing is sexy and attractive. CX is tedious and puts you in front of negative situations the majority of the time.

Marketing shows the lovely outcomes. CX needs to be ingrained in navigating the internal vehicle to the shiny outcome.

By now, you should realize that if these two vehicles are not working in tandem, the company is going to be worse off for it.

If the marketing team is aggressively working to showcase the product/service and the internal machine is falling short, we would have just created more problems for the company.

CX and Marketing need to communicate. Both teams need to know the current state of affairs, the ideal state of affairs, when and how the company will get there. This way, marketing will know how to position the product/service and create strategies in step with what is possible and customers will be successful when they engage the product or service.

This may be easier to understand if you grasp the fact that CX is more far reaching than being polite on the front lines. CX is deep and wide and functions throughout all operations and needs to partner with all levels of staff. To understand CX better read our previous blog entry.

In short, the two will not be successful independent of each other. Team work is important. The functions are different but connected and cannot be absorbed by either team.

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