Yesterday was #blackouttuesday.

Multitudes showed support. There were many of us who needed this avenue because we have felt stunted and silenced, at a loss of what to say, think or do. The waves of emotions have been overwhelming.

Today is Wednesday and life continues. Does that equate to the erasure of yesterday’s efforts? No, it does not. However, it does mean that we continue business with new knowledge, a deeper understanding of what has happened, and what continues to happen. We show empathy and concern and most importantly, take action for better experiences for black people and other people of color.

In the customer experience industry, we consider our business’ clientele – the people we aim to serve and, as a result, must consider the day-to-day realities of those serviced through our products and services. We consider their issues and the ways in which we may make life easier for our customers to work with our businesses. As such, we must consider the entire reality of all the people we serve and be unafraid to speak up against injustice, regardless of whether or not we look like some of our customers and employees.

We acknowledge that this issue has depth and breadth. No one person or company can eradicate it, but if we all make concerted efforts to contribute to our respective areas, we will inspire change.

In Solidarity – SP!KE

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