Personalities in CX

It is commonly thought that persons who work in customer service need to have a bubbly personality. This is simply not true. The End.

Ok, ok lol we are going to dig a little deeper now that you understand that fact.

Depending on brand identity, it may be suitable to have personality types that match but the reality is the attitude is more important than the personality. In fact, we also need to go a little further to acknowledge that service functions are not limited to customer service representatives. All members of the company function in the service capacity in some regard.

Now, let’s break it down. The service provider needs to be able to quickly assess and adjust to:

  • who they are dealing with
  • the situation at hand
  • the urgency of the matter
  • the necessary approach

Having a positive attitude going into each interaction is what will allow the agent to be most effective. What we tend to consider a ‘bright and bubbly’ personality is not always what is required for the situation.

Let’s keep the focus on maintaining a positive attitude and harness the strength of different personality types. In addition, we must ensure we are giving employees the support they need to consistently provide excellent service experiences.

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