Truth is I’m Tired

Regardless of the industry you work in or your job title, you have felt this way before if you deal with customers everyday.

Many people automatically think of front line staff when considering those who get berated by customers and absorb complaints all day. They have every right to think of persons with this job title because they go through it! However, they are not the only ones. If you have been with us a while you know about the internal customer (staff). Satisfying your internal customers impacts the external customers and also comes with its own customer service challenges. We wil go into that another time. Just know it is taxing and we have a video resource on it –The Internal Customer.

In the customer experience we spend the majority of our time discussing the needs of our external customers and ensuring they are happy and satisfied. The saying we here so often is true here, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. That simply means if employees are not happy and satisfied then it is highly unlikely that employees can deliver that to guests consistently.

So what do we need to do? Give employees tools and resources they need to bring their best selves to work. Employees need tools to remain emotionally balanced, individually and as a team. They need quick fixes for intense moments and daily fixes to build into their routines. The same fix will not work for everyone but it is an exercise teams can consciously practice everyday and generate new ides. For more details about maintaining your emotional balance we recommend our emotional balance video resource. You also get a list of suggested activities to get you going.

Employees also need to be recognized for their efforts. We hope none of our #SpikeFam is believing that a pay cheque is sufficient. People have many motivations outside of work. If you are unable to tap into this, you have a greater chance of losing your employees as soon as they have a better opportunity.

For more details on ways you can motivate your staff, questions you need to ask and suggest tiers we recommend our employee recognition video offering which also comes with a quick guide.

Don’t wait until employees are burnt out before you provide avenues to replenish them. That energy is going to transfer to your external customers.

We know time if of the essence and practical tools that are easily implemented are what most of us are seeking so check ou CX Unlocked to get what you need to provide service to win.

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