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Customer Experience Strategies + Technology = Win

Now that we have the basic math out of the way let’s look a little deeper.

In the world of customer experience, you even have customer experience specific software companies. There are a plethora of technological tools available for us to employ in 2020 and that is exciting. There is something for almost every budget.

Sometimes, companies get so excited about new software and get it for their teams to use. This enthusiasm to keep your customer experience on point is excellent but let’s think about the impacts some more.

  1. How often are you changing your systems/processes?
  2. Is there sufficient training to keep your team up to speed with new tools?
  3. How much benefit is the new tool actually bringing?
  4. Does the new tool play well with what you already have in use?
  5. How much time will it take to get through the learning curve?

Once your answers to those questions work out in your favour go right ahead with your new tool. Just remember that tools don’t work independent of humans in customer experience. There will always be the need for human effort, human thoughts, feelings and analysis to get other elements of what you need for the full spectrum of customer experience. After you have the data, you need people like us with the know how to allow you to use it effectively to move your business from its current state to its ideal state.

Some businesses are not at the stage where these investments can be made and that is ok too. All things take time. Lack of fancy software doesn’t mean you are out of the customer experience game. On the contrary, you still have data (even if you don’t know it) and professionals who can help you right where you are. It is important that you have customer experience tools in your long term plans.

Here are a few tools we like to assist in your service design for great customer experiences:

There are many others not listed but the tool you use should be specific to your business needs.

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