Are You A Bad Customer?

Everyone should evaluate themselves every now and again.

Most of us see a whole lot of mess all day. We deal with people we sometimes find ridiculous and are exhausted. We can find things going one of two ways once off the clock and we become the customer:

  1. Completely annoyed and impatient when we experience less than great service
  2. Empathetic and patiently tolerate unfortunate experiences so we can head out.

It is usually easier for us to identify what the businesses are doing wrong to cause us pain and suffering. But are we considering what we are bringing to the equation.

Many times we are guilty of:

  • Taking out the frustrations of our day on staff
  • Being very unreasonable with our desires
  • Being disrespectful towards those trying to serve us
  • Wanting blood out of stone at a moment’s notice
  • Lying to get what we desire
  • Requesting a 5th extension on bill payment
  • Being unresponsive to confirmations etc.
  • Blatantly disregarding policies/ rules outlined

We could go on and on.

Let us remember that the customer experience is a relationship. That means there are responsibilities on the part of the customer as well. We are not absolving the needs on the part of the business but all relationships work best when both parties are maintaining there end of the bargain.

Let us strive to be reasonable, truthful and respectful customers and hold up our end of the bargain at all times. I am sure we will get the best rewards from the companies that recognize our worth ;). Always pay attention.

If you are a business owner and you feel you have some bad customers, get in touch with us today. We can turn that mountain into a mole hill 😉 – hello@getthespike.com

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